3.5yr old Standard poodle arrived over a year ago weighing almost 33 pounds. Poor guy needed 4 bathes to find out his true color. He was kept outside since a puppy, chained to a tree or in an outdoor kennel. He was never let inside and had little to no human contact. He was beaten beyond words with pipes, chains and hardwood. He also had several broken teeth and an eye infection. With this history, it’s amazing that this dog loves people, but LOVE he does! After about 9 months at A Life Line he was adopted out to a loving family that has a toddler. The first visit Poodle stood still while, now Poodles toddler, stood up for the first time. Poodle has been the “walker” to this little guy and assisted him with his first steps. He loves people, rides, and swimming and thinks he is a lap dog! ADOPTED!!!



11yr old, Quarter horse Penny arrived 1 year ago. She was at least 450 pounds under weight, half of her hoof walls on each foot were gone and all 4 feet were bleeding. She had no feet and could not glue shoes on her because there was nothing there. It was very painful for her to walk. She was extremely scared to be in a barn or a stall and was head shy. She does have a severe fly allergy. A year later her feet have fully recovered, she leads and will let you ride bareback. She has gained about 300 pounds and loves to be scratched and brushed. Sadly she suffers from a SEVERE fly allergy. Sad, sad, sad… Miss Penny needs to have allergy tests and we do not know the cost of this at this time. She can be seen in the videos on face book and is currently ready for a new home.

Supplements a year = $60
Hay & grain a year = $2160
Blacksmith costs a year = $500
Worming & immunizations = $200

Total Cost: $3,460


Cost to sponsor: $1,300. Hay and grain a year =$900. Blacksmith cost per year = $200 Worming and Immunizations = $200